Win $100 Millions by Playing a Game-Fortnite

Win $100,000,000/- by Playing  a Game Fortnite

Does it sound too good to be true? Yes, you can win $100 Million/-by playing the Fortnite game.

The Epic Games has announced that the players could win $100 million. On 21st May, Epic Games reported that they would put down $100 million to support rivalries in the 2018-2019 season.

What should you know about Fortnite?

It turned into the greatest online computer game. Late last year released a mode called ‘Battle Royale’ which allow up to 100 players to fight to the death to be the last character standing.

You may play this game in all major gaming consoles, computers and Apple devices except Android. It will be available for Android devices by later this year.

As indicated by the most recent figures made accessible by Epic Games last January, 45 million individuals have played this game.

This game has immediately settled itself as a pioneer in the blasting, billion dollar industry of eSports. Focused video gaming enables players to possibly win some money and draws in observers from everywhere throughout the world.


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