TransferWise eyes business market for future growth

TransferWise is much cheaper than Western Union, Money Gram and Conventional Banking. It has for some time been viewed as a sweetheart of the UK tech scene. It is not only used to as to transfer money abroad but now has developed as an Alternative Bank.

It has made the money transfer from peer to peer much easier and it is dramatically cheaper than any traditional Bank when it comes to sending money abroad.

The company initially started with 300 employees in 2011 and now has around 1000 employees.

It presently has around 400 staff in  Tallinn, Estonia (the nation of origin of organizers Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus) and 200 in London alone.

Despite the fact that TransferWise was initially considered as a consumer confronting business, but now it has customers who are using it for B2B and 30,000 organizations utilizing it consistently. TransferWise has now  a debit card benefit for organizations as well.

A year ago TransferWise started ‘borderless record’ for organizations, offering them one record to send, and receive and use cash around the world, with expenses it guarantees are up to eight times less cheap than the banks.

The organization’s principal rivals are the banks and money to money exchange offices like Western Union, Ria and Money Gram.

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