What is Stress? Learn effective ways to manage it?

What is Stress?

It is the most interesting topic ever in a human life. Everyone around the world, willingly or unwillingly, regardless of the age or race has to deals with Stress.


How can we define stress? What is the best way of dealing with it? Is it something very complicated to tackle? These are the questions we will try to address in this article.


We may say in the simplest words that

Stress is a State of Discomforting Pressure caused by adverse event or incident.

Now that we know it is a State, the next step is to know when we are in this state? There could be many causes of the Stress. For example, for a student, time near the exam, expectation of high performance from family, teachers and pears. For an adult, the problem within a family, job-related issues and many others that could be a source of stress.


If we carefully analyse, anything can be a source of stress if it is held for a longer period. We can learn this from the following experiment.



  • Take an empty glass of water and hold it up to your chest level for a minute.
  • Then put the glass down, fill the glass up to 1/3 or 1/2 and then hold it again in the same position.
  • Was it little difficult to hold in that position?
  • Now the third time, fill up the glass and hold it in the same position for a couple of minutes. Was it not harder than before?


Now imagine, what If I ask you to hold even an empty glass for 10 minutes while keeping your hand raised. What happens then? Do you feel any pain/stress on your arm and hand?


If you keep on holding it longer and longer, you will feel more stress on your arm, and then your shoulder will start to hurt. Let us assume, that you continue to hold it like that for 3 hours.


Your arm, shoulder, and the area around the shoulder will get stiffed and you will feel immense pain in that area. Next day, your arm and shoulder muscle will be stiffed and you will not be able to move freely for a couple of days.

Conclusion: Cause of the Stress


I am sure you would understand it by now that, it is not important what you were holding, an empty or a full filled glass. What is important that “How long you hold it for?”. The more you keep on holding it, the harder and painful it will be for you.


The same idea goes for your stress. Stress is inevitable in our lives and this a harsh reality that we must accept. What matters is how long you hold it in your brain contentiously all the time.


If you think about a certain issue, take it seriously and do something about it, its fine. We all do it in our lives. But once you start thinking about it all the time, this will create more complications and issues for you.


You might have seen people working and performing better when they are under pressure. The reason is that they have always tackled the pressure by accepting it as a challenge. But you will also see that the number of these people around the world are very low. For example, Bill Gates, Colonel Harland Sander (KFC Founder)s, Jack Ma (Alibaba Express), Keanu Reeves(Actor). The only common thing in above three men is that they took all the negative pressure in their lives as a challenge and fought against all the odds.


Ok, now that we understand: What is stress? and How do we get into that state? Our next target would be how we can reduce it?

Stress Management


As stated that stress inevitable and we cannot avoid it nor ignore it. The best solution would be is that we should manage it carefully so that it does not destroy our lives and people who have connected to us. For example, our family members, friends, colleagues at work etc.

Identify the Source


The very first and logical method is that we should always identify the cause. If you do not know the cause of an issue then how you will manage it? For example, how can a doctor treat a certain decease if he does not know it? He needs to diagnose the cause so that he can treat the patient.


Humans are very complex species in the universe and we have a complex way of behaving and expressing thing. A child may not be able to perform well in school because of his parent’s bad relationship. A man may be behaving irritably at home with the family members due to some stress at work.


So it is always important to know the source so that you can treat the source.

Four A’s Solution


This is an easy solution which you can adapt to manage the stress. The 4 A’s stand for


Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept.


Once you have identified the source, the easiest way is, try to Avoid it if possible. If you cannot avoid the situation or the cause, try to Alter it by getting involved in the situation so that it benefits you. If you cannot do both, you should Adapt it. As a human being, we are also very flexible. It may not be easy but now you know the source, you should try to Adapt according to the circumstances.


The last resort is to Accept it. As you have tried, you could not avoid it, could not Alter it nor Adapt it. The final action you have left is, you should Accept it.


As an old Chinese saying,

If you are caught in a problem, you should not worry. Think of its solution, apply and resolve the problem. No need to worry as you had the solution and you cna resolve it. But if, the issue does not has any solution, again No need to be worried as nothing can be done about it.

Other Alternatives to Manage Stress


This is the most effective method to reduce the intensity by communicating with your family members, friends or colleagues at work. Open your heart to them and let them know what you are going through.

Take a Break

We are human and not the machines. Sometimes we just need a break from our daily routine. Go on holidays, with family, connect with them. It will fresh up your mind.

Indulge in Recreational & Sport Activities

Start some sports, walk, or something you always wanted to do for fun. It will also divert your attention and help you out.


Remember, we are not trying to forget about the problem. We want to achieve a balance in our thinking process. Once we achieve that, it will be easier for us to live a happy life.


Let us know what do you think about this article? What is your secret to deal with the Stress?

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