Solar Power And Its Scope in the United Kingdom

Solar Power: According to the International Energy Agency, by 2050, the Sun may possibly be the world’s biggest source of electricity as compared to other fossil fuels (wind, hydro and nuclear).

European countries and solar power seem to be one of the most popular forms of energy generation with 80% support from the public, despite the weather conditions. Surprisingly, the country’s temperatures can make the panels more efficient, while clouds are not a problem for electricity production.

Mostly people from Southern Europe think that the UK is the country which uses the least Solar Energy because of its gloomy weather but it is not.

The fact is that last Solar Power in the UK has approximately doubled. Specialists presume that 10 million homes will have by 2020, which implies that in excess of 33% of family units would use solar power. In summer, 40% of the total electricity would be produced from the sun amid summer. Today, around 1.5 million houses are using solar power.

The UK government is helping people to switch to solar through grants and the so-called Feed-In Tariff (FiT), introduced in 2010. It will also give people an opportunity to sell the extra electricity back to the grid, which will help them to pay back the costs of installation.

How Does the Government Help You in Your Solar Journey?

The use of solar power in the UK has spread from home to other areas of society. Now you can see Solar Panels used in churches, farms, schools, police stations, bridges and train stations. Schools are accepting extraordinary consideration by the administration, which as of late commended the 1000th board introduced on a school. The aim is by 2020, 2 million homes, 2000 solar farms and around 24,000 commercial rooftops.

London is creating solar power as Madrid.  Solar Power Industry has huge potential for job creation. Many believe that, with the government support, this industry can create extra 50K job opportunities in the country by 2030.


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