Sleep Better Every Day

How to Sleep Better Every Night

This article will explain you how can you have a refreshing healthy sleep every night.

We will explain you in simple manners that you can easily under the topic. By the time you will finish reading, you will perfectly understand the science behind Sleep and hopefully, benefit from it.

We have divided the article into 2 Important Steps.

In the first part, we will explain the concept, how it works, and then, at last, we will explain what can you do to have a good night sleep.

We may not have realized or thought about this topic but this is something that we do every day and it is the most important part of our daily life. Please see the chart below



No. of Hour Sleep

1 Year

(24 h x 365)



(8 X 365)

65 Years



(5 X 2920)


We can realize the importance from the above chart that we sleep around 33.333% in our entire life.

Did you know that 1/3 of your life, you did nothing but SLEEP!!!

Now that we know how much Sleep is important, what do we know about it? Are we utilizing it efficiently? How does it impact our life?

Why we Sleep?

Broadly we can say to relax physically and to rest our brain. It also affects our emotions and how we act and perform in our daily life.

It is very easy and logical to understand that we do get physically tired and thus require a good rest in order to get refresh again.

In the same way, our brain needs rest too. There are few organs the in the body which never rest in our entire life and they work all the time. The brain is the part of that organ which never rest and stays awake. Our brain continues to work while we are sleep.

Do you know that our sense of smell goes away while we are deep sleep!

Brain Waste

Like our other part of the body, Brain also produces brain waste when it works. This waste is flushed out while we sleep.

Memory Retention

It also plays important role in Memory Retention. There are various studies have proved that sleep plays a very vital role in memory retention and consolidation.


It is also very important for metabolism. It can affect your weight, appetite, a risk of diabetes etc. Studies have shown that when you sleep 5.5 hours per night instead of 8.5 hours per night, a lower proportion of the energy you burn comes from fat, while more comes from carbohydrate and protein. This can predispose you to fat gain and muscle loss.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Ok, so now you know that why it is important to sleep. Now next question is that how much you should sleep every day?

The optimum hours or sleep depends upon the age of a person. See the table below:



0-3 Months

14 to 17

4-11 Months

12 to 15

1-2 Years

11 to 14

3-5 Years

10 to 13

6-13 Years

9 to 11

14-17 Years

8 to 10

18-25 Years

7 to 9

26-64 Years

7 to 9

65+ Years

7 to 8


The chart above gives the average optimal hours of sleep. It may also differ with ±2 hours.

2-How to Sleep Better

If you adopt certain habits then it will help you to sleep more quickly and a good relaxing sleep.

1-Fix you time in the morning to wake up and then follow it throughout the week.

2-Stop taking caffeine 3 to 4 hours before going to bed.

3-Build a Habit of reading a book or magazine while you are on the bed.

4-Do not use electronic devices when going to bed. The light from these devices is not good for your eyes and causes a headache.

5-Think of a Sleep as your most pleasuring and refreshing activity.

6-Try to think with positive thoughts when on the bed.

7-Do not relax on Sofa or couch. It will be harder for you to sleep when your body is not tired.

8- A good walk after an hour dinner.

9-You may exercise before going to bed. It is very easy to fall asleep once your body is really tired.

10- Some people may find hot milk or hot bath make them relax and easy to fall asleep.

11-A good room temperature, comfy bed, and a pillow also play a vital role. If your pillow or bed is not comfortable, you may develop headaches, back pain or stiff neck.

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