Learn The Secret To Reduce Your Average Electricity Bill

Reducing average electricity bill is not a less than a million dollar question. We all get upset and hyper every time when we receive and see our electricity bill. We wonder and ask ourselves that how in the hell we used that much of electricity.


Here are the interesting figures showing average consumption of Electricity used by different region in the United Kingdom in 2016. The lowest consumption was noted in London 2888 kWh and the highest consumption was in Wales 5596kWh.


In this article, we try to share few factors, which will help you to reduce your average electricity bill. You do not need to be an electrical engineer or a mad scientist to reduce your electricity bill.


To begin with, first, you should know how much you are consuming in terms of kWh (KiloWatts per Hour). The electricity companies charge the electricity per kWh. You cannot reduce your electricity bill unless you know how much you are using it.


We strongly recommend that you should also read an interesting article showing you how you can calculate or estimate your electricity bill.  Once you read this article come back here and continue reading the following.


Now that you know, how you can calculate the electricity bill, next step is that you should also know about the watts consumed by each appliance running in your home.  I am sure by reading our other article, you realised that the appliance which has more power in terms watts will consume more electricity.


Once you know which appliance is expensive to run, you can try using it less often as you were doing it before or perhaps replacing it with more efficient one. Here is the list of basic household appliances with respect to watts. Please note that these are approximate figures and the actual watts consumed by your appliances might be different.


average electricity bill


Always pay great attention to Watts when you are buying an appliance. Now all the new modern appliances are using less electricity while giving the same performance. It may seem expensive at first when you buy them, but considering their running cost, you will find that they are cheaper in the long run.


Switch to LED lights as they are much economic to run and are long lasting than the ordinary bulbs and energy savers. Especially for outdoor lighting, use small solar power LEDs.


If possible, think of switching to the Solar Energy. The UK government is also helping and encouraging people to install solar panels via Feed-in-Tariffs. You will get money from generating your own electricity.


The factors explained in this article will help you in reducing your average electricity bill.


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