Mars Close Approach See Mars with Naked Eyes

Mars Close Approach: You can see the Mars with the naked eye from July 27th to July 30th, Mars will be closer to the earth. People will be able to see it with their naked eye and with a telescope. The distance between Earth and the Mars will be 35.8 Million Miles, which is equal to 57.6 Million Kilometers. Mars and the Earth are nestling closer than they have for 15 years.

This is calls as “Mars Close Approach” and people can see Mars with the naked eye.

As per NASA, it is the best times to send a mission for exploration to Mars as the distance between the two planets will be the shortest. But it will really easy for ordinary people to see the Mars and even view it in detail using a telescope.

The Mars may not be a big as the moon as some people are claiming. People spread many rumour all the time when it is Mars Close Approach that Mars will be bigger than the Moon. If it would be correct then there will be some problems which could lead to natural disasters. Scientifically, the combined gravitation forces of Earth, Mars and Moon will cause a great distress. This will disturb the balance and gods knows what could the consequences.

The historical data shows that Mars has never got closer to earth than about 33.9 million miles away.

The Earth and the Mars have does not have a perfect round orbits. They both have orbits which are like an egg shape. Both planets move round the Sun in an egg shape. Sometimes both planets could be moved out a little planet by the larger planets in our solar system.

This could works in both ways, either moving planets closer or further away from each other. This “Mars Close Approach” is due to the result where both planets are pulled in and are getting closer to each other. Hence it make this Mars Close Approach makes is a great opportunity for people to see the Mars with the naked eye.

As per NASA research, the Mars Close Approach was the closest in 2003 to earth in nearly 60,000 years! It won’t be that close again until the year 2287.”


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