Islamophobe Man Sprayed “Vanish Stain Remover” On Muslim Women

An “Islamophobe” man recorded himself by spraying “Vanish Stain Remover” on a Muslim Women who was wearing a headscarf. It is becoming viral on social media and people are requesting the authorities to search and arrest this man. has caused a stress.


In the video, you can see a man intentionally sprays the Vanish while the lady had no idea of what he was doing. The video is shared by “Documenting Oppression Against Muslims” on 13”the of June. You can hear in the video man saying “ Let’s see if this F****** Stuff works.”


The Store and its location or if it has been reported to the authorities are unknown.



As per Tell MAMA’s annual report for 2016, the greatest impact is again felt by visible Muslim women, who wear Islamic clothing, be it the headscarf (hijab), face veil (niqab), the abaya, or a combination of garments.

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