Joint Operation on Syria- An Act of Humanitarian or Warmonger?

Allegedly Syria has been conducting chemical weapons test on its own population, which have caught the attention of our world leaders. A joint operation was carried out on Saturday,14th April by American, British and French Air and Naval forces in Syria. A total of 105 bombs were dropped on three facilities in an attempt to cripple Syrian Chemical Weapons Program.


These strikes were carried out on the basis of;

  • Information / intelligence gathered by agencies working in Syria.
  • Leaked videos of people being treated after an alleged attack.


There are protocols in place to deal with such situations. If a suspected chemical attack occurs anywhere in the world, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has to conduct an official investigation and decide an appropriate course of action. In this instance these protocols were chosen to be ignored and a judgment was passed. Why was OPCW not asked to conduct an investigation prior to the air strikes?


If a chemical attack was in fact carried out on the civilians. The American, British and French governments felt a sense of responsibility and duty to help their fellow humans then why did these strikes were not carried out in an effective way? These strikes did not come as surprise to the Syrian, Russian and Iranian intelligence services. An attack was already being anticipated and the three facilities had already been evacuated.


Has this intervention been of any help to the Syrian people or are they just another pawn in this power struggle that has been going on for decades?


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