An Indian-Muslim Murdered His Little 4 Years Old Baby Girl to Appease God


According to the local Indian media, an Indian Muslim man murdered his little 4 years old baby girl to appease God as a sacrifice.


This horrific inhuman incident occurred in Jodhpur. The father, Nawab Ali Qureshi who is 26 years old gave his offering in the holy month of Ramadan.


At night, Qureshi took her little to the ground floor while everyone was sleep and slit her throat. Later in the morning when Qureshi’s wife woke up and found her daughter murdered in the veranda. Qureshi tried convincing his family that it could be an animal attack (cat) but his wife filed a murdered case.


After questioning Qureshi by the local police, he admitted his cold-blooded crime. Later, he told the police that he feels as though Satan had taken over him when he killed his girl.


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