How to write a Good Article

A Good Article

It is a fact that a well-written good article will always bring Quality Traffic to your website. And it also reduces your bounce rate. It also gives an impression to your reader that your site is authentic and has quality content. This will automatically force the reader to become a regular reader of your blog/site.

In this article, I will explain very briefly the basic, simple but very powerful things to consider while writing a good article.

1-Choosing the Right Topic
You should choose the right topic in which you feel comfortable and you have some knowledge of the subject. It will make it easier for you to write and most importantly, you would be able to communicate in a better way. Most people now choose a viral post and then start writing about the same. But I would always recommend that you choose your own topic/subject.

2-Search it on Internet
You should also see what others are saying about the same topic. It will help you even more so that you can showcase your self differently from others.

3-Keep it simple
Now, these days, you will see that people are writing more complex articles, adding graphs, showing images, stats and diagrams so that it appears to look more professional, but it makes it difficult for the reader to understand and grasp the idea you want to convey.

4-Transfer Idea son the Paper
Now next step is that you start transferring all your ideas on the paper. Make bullets points and then start writing. If possible, write short paragraphs which should explain a single point.

5-Check for Grammer/Spelling Mistakes
Please remember, it is not necessary that since you are writing in your own language, it will not have any mistake. And always check for errors. You can use plenty of free offline and online tools such as MS Word, or Grammarly.

6-Proof Reading
Always ask your friends, or family member or teachers if possible to proofread it for you. You can also get their opinion and maybe change it accordingly.

If you follow these simple and general guidelines, your article will be always appreciated and read more. Think of it as this way and ask yourself 2 important Questions…

-When you read something on the internet, or newspaper, or in a book, why you read it? (what is so interesting about it)
-Secondly, think why you close the book or leave the website after reading 2 line or a paragraph. what makes it boring that you close it down?

Please also remember, practice makes a man perfect. It might be hard or seem boring at the beginning, but surely after writing few articles, it will become a part of your writing style. Do not forget to check out our other powerful article “How to Increase Traffic to your Website“.

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