Social Media Uses Strategies From Gambling To Keep Us Hooked

Do you ever realise that Social Media Uses Strategies From Gambling To Keep Us Hooked?

Have you at any point heard your telephone vibrate and come to check it with excited but got disappointed to see it was nothing? ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome‘ is one of a developing behavioural problem connected with Social Network. It refers to when something thinks that his/her phone rang or vibrated when it is not.

On average, a person from 15 to 34 years old person checks their phones 150 times each day. The Social Networks are trying harder to keep us engaged more into their system.

So, how do they achieve this? More evidence now shows that Social Media & Gambling take advantage of the same psychological mechanisms to keep us coming back.

Anticipation and reward

This is the essence of what makes both Gambling Institutions and Social Media addictive. We enthusiastically anticipate a reward. It could be in form of a triple score on the slot machine online gambling game or “Likes” and “Comments” on our post that we just submitted. And as like a gamble, either is or isn’t a payoff.

This strategy is so successful and effective that it can create a similar mechanism as cocaine does in the brain.

Natasha Schull, author of Addiction by Design says that Facebook, Twitter and other companies are using methods which are used by the gambling industry to keep users on their sites.

She also stated that if you put your phone away, you get tempted with small messages or bonus offers to bring back to the game.


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