Government Stopped Forcing People to Leave Britain Under Paragraph 322-5

In the recent past, the Home Office has been refusing Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa (ILR) for the individuals applying under Highly Migrant Programme over a minor amendment made in tax returns. The Home Office mostly used paragraph 322-5 of immigration law as the ground of refusal.

The refusal on based on paragraph 322-5 has a very severe devastating effect on the immigration history of the individuals. Once refused, the person not only loses his right to work in the United Kingdom but he is also banned from returning to the UK for a decade.

The damage does not stop here because they get deported and their passport can also get marked under terrorism association. This then turns their rule out a chance to apply for a visa to any other country in the world.

The Internal guidance manual for the caseworkers who deal with ILR application, explains that section 322-5 should only be used if it involves “criminality, a threat to national security, war crimes or travel bans”.

The individual who are effects and their supports has started a campaign and writing a letter to Home Office Secretary: “Stop abusing the national security clause to deport highly skilled migrants “and requesting people sign. This campaign and several other protests have raised a great concern in and out side the United Kingdom.

After these cases were reported publically in newspapers and through protests, the government has now agreed to stop forcing people to leave Britain under this paragraph 322(5) which was designed to deal terrorism numerous cases.

UK home secretary Sajid Javid has stopped the deportation of many Asians application who applied for ILR and were refused on because they made mistakes on their tax returns.

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