Fake Police Officers Gang Busted in Michigan

In Michigan, 3 people are facing charges for mimicking as Police Officers for several years. These fake police officers mimicked with such perfection that they evened fooled the real police officers.


Around 5 people are part of this fake police group who have been actively working in Genesee Country near the city of Flint. Among different charges, they are also accused of arresting people with no authority and responding to the crime scene as first-response.


This group called themselves as the “Genesee County Fire and EMS Media-Genesee County Task Force Blight Agency”. They have been working since around 2015.


This group got busted simply because of a complaint filed in September 2017. This group included women of 27 years old, and two men of 29 and 23 years old.


Investigators also learned false arrest by these fake cops over claimed trespassing. Kevin Shanlian, chief of the Genesee County Parks ranger division, is requesting the community to report 810-249-3830 any incident where they believe or have any suspension about the authenticity over the police.


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