Facebook & Google Could Face Millions of Dollars Penalty

Facebook and Google could face millions of dollars in penalties from lawsuits arguing that local and state laws on election advertising.

Bob Ferguson, State Attorney General sued Facebook and Google stating that they have not produced documents to the media and members of the public related to political ads for local and state elections since 2013.

As per State Attorney General, both media giants are “not following the law. They’re not even close,”

Ferguson’s office told The Stranger. State law provides for fines of up to $10,000 per violation, meaning that Facebook and Google could end up owing Washington state millions.

In addition to fines, The Attorney General is demanding that they should be charged for the costs of investigating and for the costs of the trial as well.

Note: Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, has filed lawsuits against a number of Trump administration policies over the past 500 days, including the travel ban and DACA.

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