Does Mr Donald Trump Deserve to Win Nobel Peace Prize?

The relationship between US & North Korea has just made a dramatic new turn. Mr Donald Trump was supposed to meet Mr Kim  Jong-Un at a summit in Singapore on 12 June but Mr Trump cancelled the meeting on 24th May 2018 in form of a letter addressing to Mr Kim Jong-Un.

Earlier this month, eighteen House Republicans wrote a letter on 2nd May 2018 to Norwegian Nobel committee nominating Mr Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize for 2019.

The recommendation that Donald Trump could win a Nobel Peace Prize was seemed funny earlier this year, as he provoked Kim with atomic dangers and schoolyard affronts, calling him “little rocket man” and “short and fat.”

However, the arrangements for a gathering between the two pioneers started this March gained so importance that former US President Jimmy Carter announced only this week that if the summit were successful, Trump could be considered for the Nobel Prize.

All that changed on Thursday, in any case, as Trump wiped out the June 12 summit, pointing the finger at it on “tremendous anger and open hostility,” from the Kim administration.

Trump’s letter to Kim, for the most part, mourned the missed open door for peace, however, it additionally contained one scarcely subtle provocation: “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”

After this cancellation, it seems, if it has ruled out Mr Trump to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

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