Computer Viruses and How you can avoid them?

The computer viruses are programmes which are created to break down certain programme or may damage the whole system. You may compare it with a contiguous infection which spread it from one to another.

We can define them as, any computer programme, which is made with the intention that it causes damage to the programme and then passes on from one machine to another.

The virus is injected through various methods. For example, you may receive an email with an attachment which contains a virus or attach a device, such as a memory card, or external hard drive, etc with your system which already contained a computer virus.

When or how do computer viruses attack?

A virus can be very tricky and may not reveal themselves at once they are injected. They could be idle and require certain programme you be performed until they activate themselves. For example, you download programme but have not installed it yet, or may be downloaded few document files but not have open them yet. But as soon you run those file they will be activated and perform the action which is they supposed to do.

This means that a virus can be like a sleeping cell which remains dormant on your computer, and will not reveal itself until they are programmed to be activated when they receive certain command. However, once the virus infects your computer, the virus can infect other computers on the same network.

What can computer virus do?

It purely depends on what its programmer has created it for. Generally speaking, a virus can completely corrupt your system, steal email address, or spamming email address and contacts, cause damage to some of the programmes in your system.

While some viruses can be playful in intent and effect, others can have profound and damaging effects, such as erasing data or causing permanent damage to your hard disk, and worst yet, some are even designed with financial gains in mind.

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How are computer viruses are spread?

There are several methods which result in spreading the virus. The most common way is connecting an infected memory card, USB stick, and external hard drives. This is not the only way because now your system may get infected by visiting a website which contains the virus, downloading any programme which had a virus, social media links, downloading an app on your phone, connecting to Wireless Network which is not secure, audio or video file etc.

How to avoid getting Virus?

We live in the modern era. There is no programme which could give you 100% guarantee that you are safe. With other advancement, viruses and hackers have also evolved with the time. You may use certain methods or precautions to protect your devices.

Prevention is better than cure

Always see the URLs before visiting any websites. If you have any doubt, search for the site name.

Be very careful while downloading pictures, music, streaming videos online or opening any attachment links.

Install Anti-virus programmes

Installing anti-virus programmes will keep you more protected. You should also keep your anti-virus programmes updated as virus and hackers also evolved. Please do keep in mind free anti-virus programmes helps you but they have limited functionality and restrictions. Here is the list of famous anti-virus programmes offered by big companies.

Norton Anti-Virus

McCafe Anti-Virus

Avast Anti-Virus

Kasper Anti-Virus

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