Cheapest Car Insurance Learn the Secret

Getting Cheapest Car Insurance is not a myth nor a luck. You can also get a cheaper car insurance quote if you understand few important factors which insurance companies consider.

In this short but intuitive article, we will explain all those factors which could help you to get a cheaper car insurance. Though they seem very common and some may seem not relevant. But when you consider them collectively, they affect the insurance cost.


Age Factor

This is the very common and most important factor which could very strongly affect your insurance quote. Normally, a young person is considered to be dangerous because they are careless and fearless. Secondly, they are considered inexperienced. A driver with old age is always considered more serious, calm and experienced.

Location for Cheap Insurance

This is another most important factor considered in the insurance quote. IF you are living in an area which is considered quite, calm, rich and safe then the car insurance will be cheaper. Secondly, it also matters that if the car is left on the road, open porch, secured car parking or inside the garage.

Type of Insurance

There are several types of insurances are available. Fully Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Insurance. In recent years, insurance companies have been offering a new solution for young/newly passed and convicted drivers with Black Box Insurance.

Just like an aeroplane, a black box is fitted in a car. This box records your speed, miles driven and notes the time when you drive a car. Apart from that, it also records and monitors braking and cornering.  The idea of this Black Box is a way of telling insurance companies about your driving.

The Third Party Insurance refers that in case of an accident, the insurance company will only cover the damages to of the car/person who had an accident to his car/himself because of your fault. That is why the Third Party Insurance is always cheaper then to Comprehensive and Black Box Insurance.

Divers History

This factor is also equally important when formulating the car insurance quote. The driver with a clean driving history will always get a cheaper car insurance as compared to who had an accident and made an insurance claimed before. People who have the clean drivers licence, and never had an accident, they should always demand “No Claim Bonus Certificate” from their insurance provider when they leave that company.

Car & Model

The car make & model, horsepower also affect the how cheaper car insurance can be. Expensive cars, sports model antique car will affect your car insurance quote. 

Marital Status

At last, married persons are considered as sober and calm drivers as compared to young or an unmarried person.


Keeping these factors in mind, you can also use a comparison site to help you find cheaper car insurance.

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