Ceasefire with Afghan Government for 3 Days for Eid Festive-Taliban

Ceasefire with the Afghan Government for 3 days in respect of Eid Festive. Forces other than Afghan are excluded.


A group of Islamic scholars contacted the Afghan president and recommend it. Later, on 7th of June, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani declared unconditional, 7days ceasefire against the Taliban excluding the other militant groups. The settlement will last till the Eid celebrations.


The Taliban have not yet specified when their ceasefire will begin or end.


The Afghan government, while Ghani previously declared an unconditional ceasefire in 2014.


President Ghani has been trying to form peace with the Taliban. He also suggested that Taliban should also contest in the election and form a legal political party. But the Taliban were as want to hold talks with the US and later with the Afghan government.


In February, the Taliban has written a letter for the Americans and government officials asking US the to withdraw their army and hold talks. The US refused, stating that the talks must be made between Taliban and the Afghan Government.


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