Android App Development-Next Generation Internet

Android App Development-Next Generation Internet

Android app development is exponentially grooming with each emerging day. Businesses are focusing their development using new technologies.


Why has the need for android application grown wider?


Unlike the Apple products, Android-based products are available in the market for very reasonable prices. Everyone can afford its availability, either belonging to an elite or someone from a medium class. We all love to enjoy the instant solutions. Now we see that all web versions of a website or a programme has its associated mobile application.


As per Statista by March 2017

  • Android App 28 Million
  • Apple’s App by 22 Million


Android app development is not a very old concept but started in 2011. Initially, it had little exposure until Google didn’t awake with its tough policies. So it is very necessary to let you people know what Google consider while giving your website. Here, comes few of the basic standards that must be considered while you see your credibility of application and followed by the best android development company.


  • Responsiveness

There are almost 1000 types of Android architecture that are roaming in the market. So building application separately for them is of course not possible.  So what responsiveness says is to develop an application that gives accuracy on every single gadget. This is an important factor while developing the application. For instance, you are working with application and it’s not responding in the way it should. Its pixels are scattered and content is dispersed. This gives a very bad impression to people about your brand.


  • Avoid too much redirect

This is a most common practice that websites are filled with too much-redirecting links and pages. This makes user get annoyed. For instance, you were looking for something on the application and it suddenly takes to some other page. Too much of redirecting apps often put bad impression. So before you hire Android App Development Company you should know that a baby application needs to be concise, to the point and worth informative.


  • Layout

Your application front end is one of the powerful tools that attracts customer as it depicts company’s intellectual level. For instance, a company belongs to threads motifs and clothing. So application colour scheme layouts and categories should be well defined by the developer so the user can find its all concern at single place.

Ready for future changes

Just like other domain in software development, android development is one of the featured domain that also comes with certain advancements. So while hiring software Development Company, you need to know the significance of application and the advancements it may need in near future. So application should be of adaptive nature. It should welcome future changes easily.

Above mentioned points were traits of good application development. Now coming towards how to select a good software development company. A good android company is:


  • Innovative

If you are really want to Grow and Embark your Services with Android Application Development Company then you should know Android development is all about creativity and innovation. Presenting idea in such a way that it provides both ease of use and perform a single set of events correctly. So, choose a company by observing its work in past. If you see they are good at giving you the best creative solution then go ahead, choose it as one.


  • Standard of working methodologies

Choose the company that has professional standards of work. In case of Android development project is given less time to complete but it is equally important as web applications are. So it needs to develop with proper planning and detailed requirement gathering and best suitable architecture.


  • Cost Effective

This is for sure that you need cheap app developers but do not go for companies that are into caching money through illegal means. Baby companies often charge too much and do not give you quality services that result in both time and money loss.


  • Value what you say

An android development company needs to value your needs. It should involve you throughout the application development. If you are really looking for such Android Application Development Company where you can experience professionalism and creativity in one place then the coding pixel is the place where you need to be. This helps you in developing a standard of application that is both cost-effective and will amidst all future obstacles.


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