An Immigrant Life in the United Kingdom

An Immigrant Life in the United Kingdom

It was a beautiful afternoon of June 2007 when I landed at Heathrow Airport. I was confused and had no idea about people as it was completely a new country, new people, different culture and even weather were also completely different. I decided to go to the United Kingdom for higher studies.

I started my life here with studies and found people are loving caring and always smile when you interact with them. I quickly got relaxed and got along with my new life. Time was going well and I was enjoying my university life.

After a year and a half, I was so excited when my wife and daughter got the visa and they were coming to live with me. We missed each other and especially my daughter used to cry whenever we talk over the phone. Things were going well and in my favour. After my studies, I had the opportunity to start my own business here.

With my hard work and luck, my business was going well. Initially, I did face some issues as it was my first experience of running a business in a new country but then I got to my feet. I was doing fine, paying all my Taxes, PAYE on behalf of my employees and Corporation tax etc.

Life was going smooth, business was doing well, and then my wife gave me a good news that I am going to be a father again. Later we found that it will be a baby girl. I was so happy and satisfied with my life. My daughter started suggesting names and helping me out sort out a place for her in her room. She was so excited about becoming a big sister. I was flying in the sky and felt that as if I was in heaven. What more you can expect from life!

Unfortunately, due to some complications, the new baby could not make it and my daughter passed during the labour. Our life was devastated, my wife and my young daughter were even more devastated than me.  We buried her here in a graveyard in the UK.

Things went along and life was passing by, God blessed us with a son in 2010 and another daughter in 2013. Now by 2017, they are living and enjoying their school life in Britain as it is their country. My wife and kids never travel outside the country.

In 2016, I applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)  and in November 2017 after such painful waiting time, my application was refused. The reason given by The Home Office is Section-322(5)- that is “Threat to National Security”.

I was shocked to receive such judgement. I am a simple man and cannot understand or bear such allegation. I make my earnings through hard work and legitimate ways. I can never think of getting involved in any kind of situation which is against the law, any society, religion or a country. I am a moderate Muslim, not a terrorist.

I have no criminal record what so ever, here in the UK or elsewhere. I cannot imagine getting involved in any activity which could be harmful to this country. Especially, the country where my kids are born, where the grave of my loved one is, where I live in and more over the country I call my country.

We were content and living happily here in the United Kingdom. I could not gather the courage and strength enough to disclose this news to my wife and young kids. All joys, happiness and my more than 10 years of hard work have suddenly collapsed.

I cant see a light of hope and it is darker everywhere. I am and will fight for the justice but The Home Office has fastened my hands by taking away the right to work. It is becoming harder for me to survive and to feed my family. I have filed an appeal through a solicitor. It was already harder enough for me to meet both ends and now on top, I have to pay solicitor and legal fees.

When I look at my little kids it breaks my heart as I am uncertain about their future. I am trying to be strong. My wife is concerned me being stressed and about my deteriorating health. Even though she put up a brave face but I can also see that deep inside, she is also worried.

The lowest moment of a man’s life is when he feels helpless and I think I am on that point…….



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